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to use the portal www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk is owned by the Organization

Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk before you join or use the portal www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk

Consider that "Article 17" include the possibility of some changes in "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk that in the interest of protecting members, end users and its own legal protection www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk the organization, or is instructed by legal regulations.

Article 1:

Terms will be used hereinafter:
www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk an Internet portal that is owned by the organization, and uses the following domains: www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk
"Members" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk represent legal and natural persons registered as members, have adopted "Terms and Conditions" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk have been approved by the administrator.

"End users" can be all natural and legal persons older than 13 years, who previously login or register to see all the information you have stated "members" on their side of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.

Article 2:
By using the portal www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk or any part thereof, text, information or image, you are under contract with the portal and accept "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.
If you do not accept "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk You can not use Internet portal business www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk

Article 3:

The portal is informative www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk komunikatroski character information strictly defined conditions and rules for use, and does not participate in any commissions from transactions between any natural or legal persons contacted through www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk

Article 4:

What used www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk portal by end users:
The portal uses the most sophisticated semantic www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk intelligent "search engine" that searchable by database party members www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk and used for the following things:

* Request and listing the forum and their prices
* Request and listing services and their prices
* The request of individual companies and the specific activity and establish contact with them through their own side of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk
* Request and listing the information on the portal, according forumiote and images published by members of their own by www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk
* Listing of all services from specific companies and individuals on their own by www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk
* Find out the details of the forum and video recordings made by specific companies and individuals on their own by www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk
* Redirect end users to the official website of the members (if any)
* Application and listing of new buildings with an advanced search of additional settlements or cities.

Article 5:

Who can become a member of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk
Member can only become legal entities and individuals who have a marketing policy for the public display of prices, pictures and details of their products and services through their own by self www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk regularly fill and update your profile .

Article 6:

Becoming a member of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk
Application for membership and registration www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk must submit:
People who want enthusiasts through its activities of this organization ostvaruvanje, zacvrstuvanje prodlabucuvanje and cultural, economic, scientific, technical and zdastvenite, educational and other ties between nations

Registration is done by filling out the registration form www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, accepting the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk and it is necessary to have a valid email address.

* The user is obliged to keep your password secret and not telling anyone.

* The administration of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk guarantees that they will look at up to members.

* The administration of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk will never ask you for a password, or by telephone or by e-mail, or in any other way!

Registration form must contain the exact name of the company and fizickoto person who is certified by the register on the portal.

If the name or extension licnoto name is different from the name of the company which serves, you need to enter both names in any order.

Change the name of the member is possible only if the name change and abdejtiranje baranje administraorot and the evidence appended Mon elektroska form or letter to the administration of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk

After sending the registration form for the administration of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, e-mail members will get a link you need to click to confirm validity of e-mail.

After paying an annual membership fee, with price determined by choosing one of the offered customized packages, the website becomes active later than two working days in the central database of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk and available to end users.
Members will be notified by email that their active site.
Any addition of new information, services and changing, in the further use is occurring later than 15 minutes.

Requests to members who are stignati the administration will be removed from the database if the baranje brishenje of registacija

Is strictly prohibited and filing a false presentation of information in the capacity of other legal and natural persons.

Article 7:


Ownership of part of members of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, can not be transferred to another legal or natural person.

Article 8:

Customized packages

User Forums are determined according to the needs of members and the number of services that want to advertise and expose the portal www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.


Members have more listings available, from two to five, depending on which service you choose, with the same maximum number of products and services.

At one point may be active only a list of products and a list of services that can be used by end users and which is active in the database.

Article 9:

Terminating the contract and re-signing

The members allowed themselves easily to inactivate registration, and need to reactivate.

Article 10:

Obligations of members of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk

Members are obliged to adhere to the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.

To enter the correct information about the identity and services (If you entered).

Identity information and services to be authentic.

Do not import prohibited goods into the base / topics, services and images from:

1st Blood and parts of human body
2nd Tools for robbery
3rd Various narcotic drugs and illicit substances
4th Pornographic images and content
5th Images and texts offensive content
6th Subjects received as a result of crime
7th Old or used product

To regularly update the information

Members agreed to accept temporary or full sanctions for violating the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.

Sanctions in the form of blocking and temporary unavailability of the page to end users until the moment they corrected update.

After the performed correction or removal of prohibited products, services, texts, information and images, administration www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk will reactivate the member of the section as soon as possible.

Members agree that if the administration decided that www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk largely or more occasions violated "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk by the member, therefore it has the right to block and delete his account the www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.

The members who blocked and deleted accounts because of violations in considerable measure on "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, not allowing a return on assets or nadoknadni obeshtetuvanje or re vrakanje profile.

Www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk administration in certain situations may submit a complaint for violating the credibility and reputation of the portal www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk

Article 11:

Duties of administration www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk

To ensure fair and correct conditions in search of products, services, registrations and new buildings.
Regularly inspect the administrative department for reporting abuse by recognizing the irregularities and violations of "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, by members for the following reasons:

1st Wrong Identity
2nd Wrong picture
3rd Not stock
4th item / service / employment, no
5th Incorrect information on product
6th Company or individual does not exist
7th Others on behalf of a particular company or person
8th Nudity or pornography
9th Offensive content
10.Opojni various illicit drugs and substances
11th Advertisment / Spam
12th Other

To consider suggestions and newcomers to take appropriate sanctions and punitive measures against offenders "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, after determining the validity and extent of breaches of the same.

Article 12:


Communication over the Internet as technology, can not be without error, if one takes into account the human factor, the occasional upgrade and the possibility of hacker attacks.
There is no computer program (software) that works completely perfectly.
Therefore www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk can not guarantee and assumes no liability for loss of information from the database, but is obliged to make regular saving information.
No guarantee continuous and uninterrupted availability of our application, and possibly occasional blockage and lack of application.
You accept www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, "as-is."
You agree that you use www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk at their own risk.
With your help, our professional team, we would like these side effects be reduced to a minimum, and remove as soon as possible.

Article 13:

General provisions www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk

Administration www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk Sun filled or entered information and texts and images attached to the sides of the members of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk therefore: not warrant or assume any liability arising due to the accuracy of all articles, prices, information and images stored by members

Administration www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk Sun enters or fills: information, texts and images attached, and therefore does not warrant or assume any liability arising due to copyright ownership rights of members over certain information, texts or images, and permission for their public display.

Www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk administration does not warrant or assume any liability arising due to failure to comply with any agreement concluded between any natural or legal persons who contacted through www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.

Www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk administration does not warrant or assume any liability arising due to the publication of texts published on the forum www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk and appeals that all comments and replies must be within and ethical and human principles and rules on Blogeraj.

Www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk administration is not liable for damage caused by visiting the links that lay members and that lead out of our side and redirected to other sites.

Article 14:

Protection of Copyright "business portal www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk

The technology used in the portal www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, all the software and its components and license to use the modern www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, belonging to www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk
You have no right of them, and some of them, to use outside intended www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, to copy or sell, to explore and find "holes" in the system, and to enter into it, and modify parts of it.
Against Violators will be brought a lawsuit and require proper compensation of damages and the extent of damage to the copyright.

Article 15:

Change, improvement and upgrading of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk
Www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk administration reserves the right order without prior consent of the members, to make changes to the application to perform periodic upgrades of functionality and design of the gateway, parts of it which are in the interest of the quality of the portal or was instructed by legal regulations.

For the changes members will be notified via email of an email that the registration was made to members of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.

Article 16:

Real Estate - new buildings

All drawings of real estate that are exposed to the portal www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk are protected with Watermark. This ensures ownership and origin of the drawing, and is made of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.

All 3D elements used in the drawings are a unique product www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk and is strictly prohibited to copy and use them for purposes beyond their use of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk.

The use of drawings and elements outside the page www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk, without markings www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk is not allowed and is a criminal offense.

Against Violators will be brought a lawsuit and require proper compensation of damages and the extent of damage to the copyright.

Article 17:

Changes in the conditions and rules

For all users apply www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk last modified "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" with the last date of modification.
There is a possibility of some changes in "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk who are doing without the prior consent of the members, who are in the interest of protecting members, end users and its own legal protection www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk and Organizations, or is instructed to other legislation.
www.jewishcommunitybitola.mk keep all agreements and their changes and the wish of the members can submit them in electronic form.

Article 18:
All of the above Terms and Conditions come into force very publicly opening the portal, from 1 otkomvri 2010.

Neshev and your Motto
Ask not what the state alone he can do for you! What you're unable to do for the country - John Kennedy
The activities of the Organizational Activists participate in good faith and with voluntary opportunities to ostvaruvanje contribution to the objectives and tasks of the Organization

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